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Low Profile Tire & Wheel Installation

Low profile tires in Peoria, AZ

Need a Low Profile Tire Installer?

Low profile tires present challenges for installation. Not every tire shop has the proper equipment to mount low profile tires while giving you peace of mind that your wheels will be okay during the process. Az Tire Shop does. Our technicians safely mount low profile tires on factory or custom wheels, so you can relax knowing your tires and wheels are in good hands.

We serve Peoria, AZ, Glendale, AZ, Goodyear, AZ, and surrounding areas.

What are Low Profile Tires?

A low profile tire has a shorter sidewall and wider tread compared to a regular tire. This provides certain advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Low Profile Tires

  • Brake Response: Enjoy more responsive braking due to the bigger contact area between the tire and the road
  • Corner Handling: Get better grip on dry roads
  • Street Appeal: Show off your rims and create the perfect look

Disadvantages of Low Profile Tires

  • Damage Prone: Low profile tires aren't recommended on rough or pot hole filled roads; less rubber between the wheel and road means your wheels are also at risk for damage if you hit a pot hole
  • Ride Quality: Less rubber and a more rigid sidewall means you'll feel uneven roads more with low profile tires

Low profile tires are designed for drivers who crave street appeal and are willing to trade ride comfort for performance benefits in braking, handling, and cornering. 

Shop Low Profile Tires & Wheels

Choose from a wide selection of low profile tires for your car at Az Tire Shop. Our staff is available to help you find the right low profile tire/wheel package for your application.

Popular low profile tire sizes include:

  • 17" low profile tires
  • 18" low profile tires
  • 20" low profile tires

When you want the best low profile tires for your car, visit Az Tire Shop. Our staff can answer any questions you have on improving the cornering and braking performance of your ride through low profile tires and wheels. 

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